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Right There is a national charity that prevents people becoming homeless and separated from their loved ones. They support children and adults living with the effects of poverty, addiction or broken relationships, forming trusting relationships to help people feel happier, safer and more confident.

The name was developed to be emotive, immediate and fully represent the charity - there for everyone, without judgement or hesitation.

Hand-drawn pencil illustrations bring a strong point of differentiation to the identity. Lifelike but semi-sketched and built up in warm colours, they create a sense of personal history that suggests ‘seeing someone for who they are’.

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From adults struggling with homelessness to children living in care, Right There provides hope by giving people stable environments to call home.

The visual identity was developed around this question of what ‘home’ means: images are housed in abstract bearer shapes that represent the shelters and support the charity provides; warmth, positivity and solidarity set the overall tone. The brand is supported by specially commissioned photography and videography, accurately representing the people Right There work with in their home environments.

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The team at Tangent are brilliant – a really good bunch of people who genuinely care about our charity’s work.

They quickly understood the brief and the challenges, including coming up with a new name, no easy feat! Excellent at properly listening and soaking up people’s emotions, they skilfully distilled a lot of information into a brand identity that truly represents who we are in a positive, straightforward and confident way.

Before this project, we didn’t really have a clear identity, but Tangent have created a high-quality and distinctive visual style which has helped us become more confident in our communications. You could tell the team put a lot of thought and care into the project, and it felt like a real team effort and collaboration with us. We don’t think we could have asked for a better agency to work with, thank you!

Right There

Illustration by Analisa Aza
Photography by Stuart Edwards