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Glasgow has taken a radical new approach to address the issue of homelessness, establishing a new alliance of partner agencies to work towards its aim of ending in rough sleeping in the city completely by 2030.

Glasgow’s ‘Alliance to End Homelessness’ is the first of its kind in the UK. With an operating budget of £187 million over ten years, it offers a significant opportunity to demonstrate that the pooling of resources, skills and expertise can deliver a real and tangible transformation. ‘Lived experience’ is embedded at every level of the decision making process, with people who have actually experienced homelessness helping to shape the delivery of services.

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Uncovering the hidden elements of homelessness was at the centre of the identity. Often, people end up homeless because lots of little things build up - bills, relationships, job losses, responsibilities - all leading to overwhelming stress. This concept was conveyed through the layering of photos, text and colour. The stacking elements also represent the Alliance’s structure itself: the local authority, the organisations, the charities, the people who work with them, the people who are helped by them - emphasising that no single entity can solve this problem.

The challenge in designing an identity for any form of homeless service is to strike a tone that acknowledges the gravity of the situation, but remains positive and optimistic enough to convince people that something can be done about it.

The systems currently in place have been an unequivocal failure, so the Alliance’s hope is that this brand emphasises a new approach - signalling that they are determined, trustworthy and will do what they say they will do.

All of us have the ability to end homelessness. Join the movement at:

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