We believe the best design is universal – capable of reaching wide, varied audiences and always open to everyone. We’re interested in the spaces where design exists to educate, inform and change perceptions.

Tangent is a creative agency who specialise in branding. Our clients come from a wide range of fields across culture and civic society, and the work we do is often unconventional - we can apply our creative process to events, initiatives, partnerships and even cities and places.

Our strategic work helps our clients to tell their story: defining who they are, what they do and why it matters. We then create design and identity systems that capture attention and can clearly communicate these values and distinctions to a wide range of audiences. We create sustainable brands that are ‘built from the bottom up’, representing all stakeholders.

The work we do can be applied across all areas where audiences interact with brands, including digital, print, packaging, environment, experiential & film.

Over time we've built a team of diverse individuals who share a wide interest in the world. This keeps our focus broad and allows us to view projects through multiple lenses, triggering discussion and debate in the pursuit of the strongest ideas. We’ve won multiple national and international awards for our work and seek to partner with clients who value design and understand the impact of bold, creative thinking.