People Make Glasgow Greener

People Make Glasgow. And People Make Glasgow Greener.

People Make Glasgow Greener
“It’s gratifying to be part of the city’s continual push towards carbon neutrality.”

The People Make Glasgow Greener website is a designated place for the citizens of Glasgow to find out how they could make an impact on the sustainability of the city in the run up to the climate conference and beyond.

Upon launching, council leader Susan Aitken appealed to Glaswegians’ sense of civic pride and social responsibility, pledging to work with communities to improve their neighbourhoods and the overall city environment - only apt for a city current ranked fourth in the world in the Global Destination Sustainability Index, which was one of the primary reasons Glasgow was chosen as the host city of COP26.

It was one of the smaller projects we’ve worked on in the run up to COP26, but no less important to a studio that has spent significant time on projects explicitly designed to make the city and country greener. This year alone we’ve worked on Sustainable Glasgow, GenZero, Transforming Timber, the COP26 catering microsite arecipeforchange.co.uk and the CSIC-hosted BE@COP26 event, as well as working alongside Glasgow initiatives like the Remade Network which we branded and helped launch last year, and the Our Common Home plan for a Scottish Green New Deal, which we created a full visual identity for.

It’s gratifying to be part of the city’s continual push towards carbon neutrality, and all the more so for the fact this initiative and website is based around the highly recognisable People Make Glasgow brand, which Tangent designed ahead of the Commonwealth Games in 2014.