Get Ready Glasgow

We’ve been involved in several projects relating to COP26, starting all the way back before the pandemic, when we began talks with Glasgow Life to redesign a website for the people of Glasgow to know exactly how their lives may be affected by the conference.

Get Ready Glasgow
“It’s easily got the highest traffic of any website we’ve ever worked on.”

We completed the project earlier this year. Visual clarity, simple navigation and robust security were the core objectives for a site that anticipated huge spikes in visitors before and during the COP26 climate conference.

We designed the new site with a mobile user in mind, building a sense of movement within the brand identity and introducing the iconic People Make Glasgow pink as a contrasting colour, to tie the concept to the award-winning Glasgow city brand which Tangent developed ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

The awareness campaign around Get Ready Glasgow has been ongoing for a few months now. The scale of this event is massive, one of the biggest the city has hosted, and quite different from other events we’ve branded – less 'road closed for bike race' and more ‘150,000 protesters walk from Kelvingrove to Glasgow Green.’ The scale of this naturally requires a significant information resource for the public to access, and Get Ready Glasgow is the one-stop source of up to date, accurate information on city events, developments and improvements.

The site is playing a huge part in keeping Glasgow moving and open for business, far exceeding anyone’s anticipated visitor numbers – it’s easily got the highest traffic of any website we’ve ever worked on.