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Sustainable Glasgow Narrative

Glasgow aims to be at the forefront on climate change with ambitions to become the UK’s first carbon neutral city by 2030 – a world leading centre for sustainable policy and innovation. Sustainable Glasgow is a partnership formed by leading organisations from the commercial, academic and charity sectors, alongside local government.

Sustainable Glasgow Logo
Sustainable Glasgow City Centre

There’s been a sudden shift in the last few years – the entire world, with cities at the forefront, has begun to wake up to the unpredictable and dangerous ecological future we face without intervention. We created a brand identity that emphasises the urgency to start acting; time slips away as you scroll; light colours descend into dark colours; change happens before your eyes.

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Sustainable Glasgow Billboard

With a Circular Economy Route Map in place, Glasgow is set to truly embrace a sustainable economic future. It presents a vision for a circular city and provides the context in which our local economy is seen as an engine for environmental and social regeneration.

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Sustainable Glasgow City Reflection