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Pmg Stone Roses

People Make Glasgow is the world’s first crowd-sourced city brand. Following a global digital conversation, the spirit and attitude of the people was identified as the city’s distinctive quality. Positioning Glasgow as an attractive place to live, work and study, the brand reflects the character of the city – direct, ambitious and unapologetic.

Pmg Logo

We developed every aspect of the brand's visual identity. Colour was one of the most important aspects to consider from the outset. The vivid pink that has come to define the brand has practical considerations, stands out strongly in an urban environment, but above all is an unexpected choice that challenges preconceptions about the city.

Pmg Building

The people of the city helped shape the brand, so it was important all brand photography captured real, personal stories. We commissioned a number of photographers to capture natural, fly-on-the-wall images - some born and bred in the city and others who had made Glasgow their home from overseas.

Pmg Photography 01
Pmg Photography 02
Pmg Photography 03
Pmg Posters
Pmg Billboards

The simplicity of the design is the key to it’s success. Adapted and repurposed by the citizens of Glasgow, this highly replicated and parodied identity has now become synonymous with the city.

Pmg Parodies 1
Pmg Parodies 2

“Tangent has been a key partner in the creative development and execution of the city brand People Make Glasgow, delivering an exceptional piece of work on time and on budget, with a consistently high level of customer service.”
Glasgow Life