July 2021

July brought with it a lot of sunshine, a lot of work, and the much anticipated return to our little studio on Miller Street!

July 2021
“We developed the new identity to better suit their new, eco-conscious bottles.”

Our client Eden Mill relaunched their brand identity this month with a new look and nine new gins! Joining their classics Original, Love and Golf are nine new gins that take inspiration from flavours and legends from around the world. We developed the new identity to better suit their new, eco-conscious bottles, and each gin now has a beautiful illustration by Ella Ginn on the label, full of hidden depths and secret meanings. We teamed up with studio Too Gallus to create incredible renders of the entire collection - watch this space for more on the names, stories, and secrets behind this new range.

July 2021
“We were delighted to win new work with both Eastside Primetimers and Connect Alloa.”

At the time of writing, it’s 60 days until Expo opens - watching the Olympic opening ceremony a couple of weeks ago certainly put us in mind of Expo (as well as bringing up memories of our work with the Commonwealth Games, especially that incredible pictogram performance Tokyo put on). Expo is now getting tantalisingly close, with more and more incredible photographs of the site coming out every day.

We got some new work in the studio in July - we were delighted to win new work with both Eastside Primetimers and Connect Alloa.

EP are a London-based consultancy firm which works with charities and social enterprises to increase their capacity and effectiveness. They’ve worked with more than 1,000 organisations since their inception, including charities, social enterprises, community groups and housing & care providers; leisure trusts; public bodies; trusts & foundations. We will be working on a full new brand identity for the company, and we’re excited to work with the team on this project as our values and company ethos are very much in alignment with each other.

July 2021

Connect Alloa are a Clackmannanshire based youth group with a focus on reducing social isolation, establishing regular youth nights and a safe space for young people to socialise. They offer a range of different activities - online and offline - including games, creative tasks and fundraising challenges. We’ve been tasked with creating a new visual identity and brand narrative for the charity, with the aim of widening their reach so they can help as many children as possible to feel less alone.

Both of these new jobs are for the kinds of clients we love to work with: people that are passionate about what they do, and about making a difference in the lives of others.

Some other things our clients did this month:

The Remade Network’s new Govanhill shop was written about by the BBC - read more about their repair stop and circular economy aims here. Elsewhere, Gordon Ramsay teamed up with Eden Mill to create a new gin using local ingredients and Scotland’s newest super fruit - more on that in the coming months - and Tonic Arts published their summer newsletter in which they talk about how important the arts programme is to patients and staff in NHS Lothian.

July 2021

In non-studio news this month, it was a Joss v Joss final in the Euros sweepstakes - Joss was ultimately crowned the winner and generously donated his winnings to a big round of drinks to celebrate us being back in the studio - and to celebrate our newly appointed project manager, Shauna! August is set to be a busy one indeed, with the opening of the Edinburgh Book Festival, the continuing lead up to Expo, and Truffle the pug’s triumphant return to studio life. There will be much to report next month!

Have a good August, people.