Back in the studio

496 days away, and we’re finally back in the studio. The last year and a half has been challenging to say the least – we've experienced every emotion along the way.

Back in the studio
“We’ve managed to keep our whole team intact, even adding someone new.”

The pitfalls of home working have been many – from Dave’s unpredictable internet to Truffle the dog’s relentless barking at seagulls – from taxi-ing hard drives across the city to our un-manned, flourishing, reached-the-floor-with-its-lush-foliage Pothos being stolen from the studio… But there’s been many highlights, like the time Graeme put on a Russian accent for two hours straight for our virtual Christmas murder mystery (Sian also painted on a moustache for the occasion), or the great pumpkin showdown of Halloween 2020, and it’s been fun to see literally every room in Jack’s flat as he carted his Mac about the place to seemingly work on every surface at least once. We’ve managed to keep our whole team intact, even adding someone new, and that’s something to be grateful for as well.

Back in the studio

We’ve worked on enormous projects from our spare rooms, living rooms and bedrooms - Expo 2020 kicks off in less than 70 days - and we’re starting to see the impact of some recent collaborations, including the Remade Network, the Glasgow Alliance to End Homelessness and Sustainable Glasgow. We’ve helped to deliver the first ever online only version of the world’s biggest book festival, and we helped launch the Tonic Arts brand for NHS Lothian right when hospitals needed it most.

It’s not been the best year, but it’s been alright. Now we’re back together, hopefully it’s for good.