January 2024

January, the month that lasts one hundred years, has finally come to a close.

January 2024
"The exhibition will highlight the vastly different, complex and contradictory manifestations of the mythical beast."

You may have seen our clients Perth Museum posting about their debut exhibition Unicorn – it’s exciting to see this being released into the world as we’ve been working on this (and keeping it quiet) for months now! The exhibition will highlight the vastly different, complex and contradictory manifestations of the mythical beast. Our identity embodies the qualities and contradictions of the animal in the form of a glass horn which reflects, refracts, subverts and distorts everything around it. We will have much, much more to say about Unicorn as well as the entire Perth Museum brand soon – but for now, we’re delighted with how it’s turned out and can’t wait to see the exhibition in person when it opens at the end of March.


We’ve been working away on ongoing projects for Hardie Polymers and Pelion as well as Little Nook, the boutique video game label project we’ve been working on – which is nearing completion. The team at Little Nook are passionate about accessibility, and the first game that will launch under the label, Pine Hearts, has more than 10 different accessibility settings. You can wishlist Pine Hearts now on Steam.

We’re still working on a brand for progressive political movement Enough! Scotland as well as something new for clients Solvd., who we rebranded in 2022. We’re also collaborating with venue specialists Levy UK&I, with whom we’ve been working since COP26 when we created a website for their climate conscious catering for the environmental summit, hosted by Glasgow in 2021. Since then they have only increased their work in environmentally friendly catering for world class events. We’ll be working with them in future to bring more attention to these endeavours - there’s plenty to talk about!

We’ve also had the exciting news that Eden Mill Art of St Andrews 2024 will be a summer release this year, rather than the usual autumn launch - so work is well underway to engage another Scottish artist to create a bespoke piece of art to accompany the new whisky. As the 2023 release gained Eden Mill awards and much recognition, the 2024 edition has a lot to live up to!

In studio news we celebrated a birthday in January (mine, happy birthday me), managed to do studio yoga every single week, and kept all of our plants, pets and children alive. Well done us.