September 2021

September was a very long, very busy, but luckily very productive month here in the Tangent studio.

It’s all been leading up to this one folks! After three years, hundreds of hours of work, thousands of pieces of artwork, a full on global pandemic and a real wacky working schedule for the last month, Expo 2020 is finally underway. We watched the opening ceremony here in the studio together and did a big cheer every time we saw some of our branding work. Surprising though it may seem, with the incredible production and architecture, not to mention Ellie Goulding and Andrea Boccelli and a lot of UAE royals in attendance, our branding somehow wasn’t the main focus of the event? We can only assume it’ll be much more prominent going forward.

September 2021

In all seriousness though, it was pretty amazing to even see glimpses of our work at such a huge, lavish event. We’ll be putting together case studies on our extensive work with Expo, but the event lasts a whole six months so…bear with us.

Leaving one global event behind and jumping straight into another - Tangent’s also been working with several different projects for COP26, which is happening a little closer to home.

September 2021
“We're working on a government sponsored initiative to build modular school buildings that exist in harmony with a lush, natural environment.”

We helped launch Transforming Timber in early September, which is an initiative that aims to make homegrown, Cross Laminated Timber a viable, environmentally friendly alternative for the construction industry. From this, we began working with the Department for Education and GenZero, which is a government sponsored plan to build modular, systems based school buildings, out of CLT, that exist in harmony with a lush, natural environment. GenZero will have a prototype to view at COP26, and we’ve been working with them on their brand positioning and aesthetic. We’ve also worked on the Get Ready Glasgow and People Make Glasgow Greener websites in advance of COP26 - both of those are live now for locals (and visitors!) to get all the information they need about the upcoming environmental conference happening on our doorstep.

September 2021

Our work with the charity YPeople continues, with a new name chosen in September and design work fully underway. The rebranded initiative should launch in April next year. We’ve also been working away on strategy for Eastside Primetimers, and completed a new look for Alloa based children’s charity Connect.

In studio news, Shauna brought in Ralf for the first time, and stalwart studio pug Truffle definitely has competition on her hands (paws?) for the position of goodest dog. We also celebrated the launch of Expo with a good old fashioned team axe hurling session! Sian, a lumberjack in a previous life, smashed the competition to pieces.

We could probably all sleep for a full month at this point, but onto October we go. See you on the other side!