Distiller's Choice

This year Eden Mill launched their new Distiller’s Choice range, with their Old Oak Tom as the first offering. Since then, they’ve added two additional experimental cask aged gins to the range: Italian Amarone Red Wine Cask Aged Gin, and Burgundy White Wine Cask Aged Gin.

Distiller's Choice

Over at Eden Mill, there’s a unique story behind every product, and the three offerings in this range are no different. Old Tom Gin dates back to the 18th Century, and Eden Mill used the same American Oak chips from their Oak Gin to age this Old Tom gin, creating a balance of creamy oak and vanilla sweetness, combined with aromatic cassia spice and a light, peppery finish.

Distiller's Choice
Favouring simplicity and finesse over the illustrative approach

The second release from the Distiller’s Choice collection involved ageing Eden Mill Original Gin for 500 days and nights in an Italian Amarone Red Wine Cask, resulting in a fusion of light red-berry notes married beautifully with a hint of vanilla and cassia spice.

The third gin in the range was crafted by ageing Eden Mill Original Gin for 15 months in a French Burgundy White Wine Cask. This results in a blend of fresh tropical and stone fruit notes and an aromatic hint of oak.

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As this is a new, luxury range for the distillery, we wanted to create a new identity for it, favouring simplicity and finesse over the illustrative approach we’ve taken with other Eden Mill products. This gin is crafted by the experts, for the experts, so we pared everything back and took a minimal approach, helping consumers focus on the detail and craft of the liquid itself.

This label, printed using cold foil on recycled paper, was thoughtfully designed to complement the faceted bottle, which was crafted in the UK with sustainability at its core, using 18% less glass than the industry standard. Try these limited release gins while you still can here.