We began working with Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) in late 2020, when they commissioned us to evolve their brand positioning and identity.

We’re in the midst of this work, but global events wait for no-one, and during COP26, CSIC’s Innovation Factory near Glasgow is hosting a wide range of innovative exhibits, events and experiences under the name BE@COP26.

“This will be a hub of inspiration, learning and action for the built environment to accelerate towards its net zero ambitions.”

It’s clear that the methods and materials used for construction since the industrial revolution now dominate the sector, placing a huge strain on the environment.

BE@COP26 will showcase will demonstrate how they and their partners aim to revolutionise the UK construction industry, showing how low-carbon material will be pivotal to a sustainable built environment. This will be a hub of inspiration, learning and action for the built environment to accelerate towards its net zero ambitions.

Currently in its second week, BE@COP26 is hosting a number of online events featuring speakers from across the global construction industry with a wide range of expertise – from timber innovation to the world’s first recycled brick.

Amongst a packed schedule, they’ll be discussing the role of cities in meeting climate ambitions; why circularity should be the route to net zero and how to decarbonise the UK’s housing stock.

Exhibitors at the Innovation Factory include:
Wood for Good
, hosting a conference on timber construction during the showcase; ECOSystems Technologies, exhibiting the NearHome demonstrator as part of the Scottish Government’s 20 minute neighbourhoods initiative; SNRG, which provides an end-to-end service designing, funding, building and operating local energy systems that reduce the cost and complexity of the all-electric, zero-carbon transition for new housing projects.

The programme of events promises to be an inspiring way to engage with the solutions that eco-conscious buildings can provide.

We designed and built a dedicated website and delivered a range of digital marketing material, with copywriting support throughout. For the Innovation Factory itself, we created a range of inspirational and informative applications, all utilising materials with strong eco credentials. These create a powerful welcome and help visitors navigate through the space.


The event features several projects we’ve worked on in the lead up to COP26, including:


The UK government’s Department for Education (DfE) supported by Innovate UK has partnered with construction innovators to deliver GenZero – a research project to deliver a new ultra-low carbon building standard for schools.

GenZero will be exhibiting a prototype classroom design that places nature at the heart of the educational environment. This single unit forms one piece of a wider kit of parts based system that will allow ultra-low carbon secondary schools to be built across the UK.

We delivered a brand identity, messaging and interpretation strategy for the project. This focused on two main strands, the biophilic vision that has driven the project and the innovative construction platform that can help deliver it.

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Transforming Timber:

We established a name and brand identity for a new initiative which aims to revolutionise the UK construction industry. Using the renewable natural resources of our Scottish forest, Transforming Timber can create engineered products which compete with concrete, masonry and steel. These homegrown materials are robust, locally manufactured and respond to vital economic and environmental needs. This is a critical step in reaching the Scottish Government’s target of net-zero emissions by 2045.

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Find out more about the event, sign up for tours, attend live events and learn more about each exhibitor at: