Science Slam 8

sci·ence slam | ‘ sī– n(t)s ‘ slam | noun e

1. Form of edutainment; knowledge transmission live and on stage.

2. Chance for normal people to observe scientists outwith their natural habitat as they attempt to communicate their work to the real world (for free)

Science Slam 8
“The creative feels cathartic and fun, a release of pent up energy.”

We’ve worked with University of Glasgow's Science Slam since their 6th event in 2018, where we took inspiration from the atomic number 6 (Carbon) and created 3D renders of carbon nanotubes. For their 7th event, we used liquid nitrogen (Nitrogen is designated atomic number 7) to freeze flowers before smashing them to produce a powerful and energetic campaign.

This year was the first event after a pandemic related hiatus, so we wanted to continue the elemental them. Our campaign for the 8th edition was, literally, fuelled by Oxygen. A series of everyday objects explode in super slow motion. The creative feels cathartic and fun, a release of pent up energy – the return of Science Slam has felt like a long time coming.

The 2021 event is online only so we created a range of digital assets for social media and created all the interface visuals for the online event itself. Science Slam 8 is at 7:30pm on 25th June. Tickets are free and available here.