Gab: Work Doesn’t Work

Gab is a get together for creative folk – a series of informal talks for the creative industry. Produced by our friends at JamHot, proceeds from tickets go to a different charity each event. We were chuffed to speak at event #3.

Gab: Work Doesn’t Work
“When work feels like work, something’s not right.”

The pressure was on, after great talks by Steven Bonner and Chunk. Our industry is renowned for only showing the best bits. For a change of pace, we decided to cut through the thin veneer that everything is plain sailing and openly discussed some past challenges, mistakes and ventures that helped shape the studio.

We’re fortunate to work in an industry that allows us to do something we enjoy, day in day out. So when work feels like work, something's not right. We’ve all been there and it felt refreshing and slightly cathartic to just tell the truth.


Thanks for having us JamHot. Find our more about old and upcoming speakers at gab.scot

1 Chunk
2 Steven Bonner
3 Tangent
4 D8
5 Jamhot
6 Axis
7 Snook
8 Warriors Studio
9 David Keenan / Poster Project / Eleanor Stewart
10 Rohan Gunatillake / Bright Signals
11 O Street / Chris Leslie
12 Radim Malinic / Gordon Reid
13 Reuben Paris / Ashley Storrie / Richie Lamb / Craig Black
14 The Happy Film
15 Mr Bingo / Dan Woodger / Ilka
16 Hector Ayuso / Playdead / Recoat
17 ustwo / Fee Sheal / Studio Something
18 Creative Dundee / Campfire / Thirst / Natty Shed Girl
19 Frank Quitely / Kate Dawkins / Mick Cooke
20 Andy Arnold / Rachel E Millar / Ben Tallon
21 Tony McCarroll - Oasis