Future City’s Open Source Identity

Future City Glasgow is a £24 million investment in the city’s technology infrastructure. Through city-wide collaboration it will demonstrate how data can help Glasgow work more efficiently and sustainably, with a focus on health, energy, public safety and transport.

Future City’s Open Source Identity
“This has been a liberating and unique approach to an identity project.”

Public, private and academic sectors will combine expertise and use cutting-edge technology to enhance day-to-day life in the city. It addressed issues such as public safety, transport, health, and sustainable energy. Open data sources was utilised to increase active travel, introduce smart low-energy street lighting and maximise efficiency of public and social transport.

When designing their brand identity system, we embraced the initiative’s open source ethos. We created a range of brand assets, including a bespoke typeface, that can be used freely and openly by contributors and other creative agencies, including Snook, O Street, JamHot, Stipso and Ice Cream Architecture.

Future City’s Open Source Identity

At the core of our identity system lies a hexagonal grid – instead of enforcing usage rules and parameters, we actively encourage experimentation and development of the grid, to maximise its impact and effectiveness across different media.

This is a liberating and unique approach to an identity project – creative partners had minimal constraints.


In addition, we created a series of stories and infographics to better explain the ideals and benefits of a Future City to the citizens of Glasgow.

Glasgow competed against 49 other UK cities to win the funding from the Technology Strategy Board. The results of this landmark project has become the benchmark for other urban areas across the globe to follow.

Future City’s Open Source Identity