February 2024

A February so busy, it was lucky we got an extra day of it.

February 2024
“Towner, the host of the 2023 Turner Prize, has engaged us to produce their year long marketing materials.”

Another non-stop month has drawn to a close, but all our many projects remain on-going. We kicked off the month by engaging an artist to collaborate on the 2024 Art of St Andrews whisky release for Eden Mill. Everything is still tightly under wraps for now, but their work is beautiful, interesting and evocative of the landscape where they work and where the whisky is made. We can’t wait to see what the partnership produces!


We also made progress on a rebranding project for Hardie Polymers and the creation of two promotional videos for Solvd., which is exercising some studio muscles rather nicely. We completed work on a rebrand for IoT company Pelion this month - we’ll share more on that when the brand launches. And our clients Towner Eastbourne - the hosts of the 2023 Turner Prize whom we worked with on the Prize brand last year - have engaged us to produce their year long marketing materials, so we’ll have lots of lovely things to show throughout the year on that.

We also had a chance to play a demo of the first game by Little Nook, the boutique game publishing label we’ve built a website (and mythology!) for. The game is called Pine Hearts and while the demo is no longer available, the full game will be released soon, and you can wishlist it on Steam. Pine Hearts is an exceptionally soothing, cosy little game full of dogs to pet and puzzles to solve. You can read NME’s preview of the game here - we’re looking forward to a full playthrough in the studio when it’s available.


In some big news for the Homeless World Cup - whose brand we refreshed a couple of years ago - the trailer for The Beautiful Game landed on Netflix this month. Bill Nighy and Micheal Ward star in the upcoming British sports drama with the Homeless World Cup at its heart. The film will be released on the 29th of March, and the 2024 tournament will be held in Seoul at the end of April.

Next month we’ll have more to talk about on Perth Museum (and its carefully curated gift shop), perhaps a Beautiful Game film review, and we’ll bid the absolute fondest farewell to Lisa, who is leaving us (heartbroken) soon. In other studio news, we finally got our beloved dishwasher fixed this month (how did we cope without one in the old studio?) Valentine's day came and went, and Lizzy in particular got very excited about leap day. It’s also finally starting to feel a bit like spring, and thank goodness!