August 2021

Another month has come and gone in the Tangent studio, and it was a busy one!

This month we launched several websites for our clients - The Glasgow Alliance to End Homelessness site went up at the start of August and is looking great. We’ve written a bit previously about the brand we built for the Alliance - we developed an identity that was modern and positive, but still felt realistic and to-the-point. Uncovering the hidden elements of homelessness was at the centre of the identity. The website itself is functional; simple and welcoming, and it’s been great to partner with Infinite Eye on the development side to get the site up and running as we head into the colder months.

August 2021

We also launched the Get Ready Glasgow and People Make Glasgow Greener websites as part of Glasgow’s preparations before hosting COP26 in November. It is exciting as a studio to be involved with things like this and like Transforming Timber - we’re interested in design as a tool to make the future a better place to be, so we’re always delighted to be involved in projects with sustainable aims. Transforming Timber launches this week too, so we’ll have more to tell you on that next month.

“For our annual campaign, we wanted to create something joyful and optimistic.”

August saw the launch of the first ever hybrid Edinburgh Book Festival! In their new home at the Edinburgh College of Art, EIBF retained the best features of last year’s online only event - the openness, the accessibility, the fact anyone from anywhere in the world could be watching an event at the same time - and have combined it with everything we missed about the live festival. For our annual campaign, we wanted to create something joyful and optimistic that embraced the best parts of the last year and a half: the sense of community, the optimism that there’s a chance to rebuild into something better. We’ll be publishing a case study on our campaign for 2021 very soon!

August 2021

We’ve been working on brand identity projects for the charities YPeople and Connect, and the charity consultancy company Eastside Primetimers. All three of these projects are a work in progress at the minute but they’re all incredible clients with great aims - we’re excited to be working with them and looking forward to sharing what we come up with.
It is, at the time of writing, one month until Expo opens. We’re still working away literally every day on this one - photos of the site are coming through from the team on the ground in Dubai and everything is looking amazing.

August 2021

We played host to two students from DJCAD - Tessa and Aimee were each here for a fortnight and did some great work for the studio. Aimee’s work on the Connect Alloa rebrand has been instrumental, while Tessa’s contribution to the Transforming Timber brand really helped us turn around some intense deadlines! Tessa also helped us out with Tangent’s submission to the 2022 Fedrigoni 365 project, so mark your diaries for 30th June next year, which is when we can show you what we’ve done for it. Our new project manager Shauna is also exceeding all expectations and has earned herself the nickname ’Two Step’ already - because she’s always two steps ahead.


In less work related news, Tangent enjoyed a lovely day out at the festival (and made a pretty impressive beer tower as proof) - in fact, several pub sessions were had throughout August, which must mean we all missed each other a lot in the year and a half we worked apart. And it was international dog day, so cheers to studio pug Truffle.