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Cirrus Logic is a global leader in audio technology, and a proud sponsor of the Edinburgh Science Festival. This year the festival’s theme was ‘frontiers’, inspired by the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

Cirrus Logic: Now Playing
“The best way to learn is through play.”

To celebrate this sponsorship, Tangent was asked to conceive a way of activating the Cirrus Logic brand, with a specific focus on engaging a younger audience.

We all know the best way to learn is through play, so we designed a set of interactive units that demonstrate how digital tech can directly affect what we hear, feel and touch.

Cirrus Logic: Now Playing

The lo-fi production was a perfect way to cut through all the complexity and jargon normally associated with high end tech, creating the appetite to learn more.

The festival audience soon got into the spirit of the exhibition, pushing buttons, sticking their heads in boxes and shouting into microphones. Large, tumbling playful letters filled the walls, mirroring the activity below at the interactive units.

The desire to learn and explore is at the heart of innovation. It put man on the moon and inspires generations to become scientists and innovators.

Cirrus Logic: Now Playing